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English Driving schools in Wrocław

Here you may check the catalog of well-known English-speaking driving schools in Wrocław. We hope it will help You with getting European driving license or exchange your national driving license.

First Aid courses and Eye test You can also find in some listed driving schools.

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AUTO STOP Driving School    ★★★★★

Driving school
Wyszyńskiego 41, 48-300 Wrocław, Poland

Akademia Dobrej Jazdy    ★★★★★

Driving school
Bierutowska 1, 52-443 Wrocław, Poland

Nauka Jazdy 'NA GWARECKIEJ'    ★★★★

Driving school
Gwarecka 2, 4, 6, 8, 50-001 Wrocław, Poland

International Primary School    ★★★★

IB school, Music school, Nursery, Primary school, Secondary school
Drukarska 52, 11-400 Wrocław, Poland

American School of Wrocław - Szkoła Podstawowa i Przedszkole    ★★★★

American School, International school
Partynicka 29, 52-443 Wrocław, Poland

Zespół Szkół EKOLA Fundacji Oświatowej EKOLA    ★★★★

IB school
Zielińskiego 56, 53-523 Wrocław, Poland

Driving Schools "ASTRA"    ★★★★

Driving school
rondo 27 Wołyńskiej Dywizji Piechoty AK 5, 52-443 Wrocław, Poland

Wroclaw International School    ★★★★

IB school
Racławicka 89, 53-149 Wrocław, Poland

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