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English Lausanne, Switzerland

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Cabinet Dentaire d'Ouchy    ★★★★★

dentist, implants, whitening
Avenue d'Ouchy 14, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland

Books Books Books    ★★★★★

English books
Rue Jean-Louis Galliard 2, 1004 Lausanne, Switzerland

Centre Dentaire de St-François SA    ★★★★

Place Saint-François 5, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland

Drys Fiduciaire SA    ★★★★

Tax advisor
Rue Mercerie 12, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland

General physician Dr Luc Ka Sing Ho

Place de la Gare 9A, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland

Me Barillon Jacques    ★★★★★

Place de la Gare 9, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland

TRADEUS    ★★★★★

Quai Charles-Page 17, 1205 Genève, Switzerland

Auto Moto School My Driving School Plainpalais    ★★★★★

Driving school
Rue Prévost-Martin 59, 1205 Genève, Switzerland

EXTRA Coiffure    ★★★★★

Hairdresser, Manicure
Rue Lissignol 12, 1201 Genève, Switzerland

Hair Project    ★★★★

Rue Sismondi 5, 1201 Genève, Switzerland

Payot Nyon    ★★★★

English books
Rue de la Morâche 6, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland

Implantcentre Cabinet Dentaire et de Stomatologie    ★★★★

Route de Florissant 2, 1206 Genève, Switzerland

Driving School De Plainpalais AMEP    ★★★★

Driving School
Rue Pictet-de-Bock 9, 1205 Genève, Switzerland

CORNAVIN Cabinet dentaire    ★★★★

Rue de Cornavin 5, 1201 Genève, Switzerland

CERN English Books Club    ★

English books
Route de Meyrin 375, 1217 Meyrin, Switzerland

List of all English-speaking businesses in Lausanne

in Meyrin - 1

in Geneva - 7

in Nyon - 2

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