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The war must be stopped!


The war must be stopped!

To convey our sympathy towards Ukrainian refugees in Europe and, as well, Russian people opposing the unjust war in Ukraine, we decided to make slight changes to the design of EXPM.info:

  1. We replaced the globe, which we used as sort-of a logo, with the pacific symbol - ☮.
  2. We partially replaced the official Russian tricolour with the White-Blue-White flag ⚪🔵⚪, now used as one of the symbols of the Russian anti-war movement. (We didn’t replace 100% of Russian flags with the new ones as we don’t want to confuse our users, who may not be familiar with the concept)

The team of EXPM.info hopes that our service also helps Ukrainian refugees in Europe; we continuously work to make it more useful. We call for our users to support refugees directly or with donations; there are many ways.

The amended design will stay until the war is over - later, we will allow business owners to keep the anti-war flag if they so wish. Now we sincerely hope to remove changes soon.

The war must be stopped!