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Services for kids in Milan

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Kid's Home    ★★★★★

Nursery, Kindergarten
Via Orti 18, 20122 Milano, Italy

Bugs and Daisies    ★★★★★

English Preschool
Via Masaccio 18, 20148 Milano, Italy

Puntino Colorato    ★★★★★

Pre-school, Bilingual kindergarten, Kindergarten
Via Sangallo 10, 20133 Milano, Italy

Quadrifoglio    ★★★★★

Pre-school, Bilingual preschool
Via Ceradini Giulio 6, 20129 Milano, Italy

The British American Pre-School    ★★★★

Via Val Cismon 9, 20162 Milano, Italy

Smile Milano    ★★★★

preschool, nursery, bilingual preschool
Via Giovanni Boccaccio 45, 20123 Milano, Italy

Follador Nursery School    ★★★

Kindergarten, Pre-school, Nursery School
Largo 5º Alpini 6, 20145 Milano, Italy

Yies School - Scuola Primaria Bilingue Monza    ★★★★★

language school, primary school
Via Monte Grappa 17, 20854 Vedano al Lambro, Italy

First Steps In English    ★★★★★

Via Lazzaro Spallanzani 55, 20851 Lissone, Italy

List of all English-speaking businesses in Milan

in Lissone - 1

in Vedano al Lambro - 1

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